We all know that stress has a significant (negative) impact on our health. More and more research is demonstrating worrying results of the significant and long-lasting effects that chronic or severe stress has on our health and wellbeing. 

So what do you do during testing times? 

Though life can be overwhelming at times and even feel out of your control, some simple, small changes to your daily routine can have a significant impact on how much stress affects you. 

Here are our top 10 tip...

Have you wondered why you’re breaking out or why your skin is looking dull and textured? Want to know how to keep your skin looking young, healthy and fresh - without the need for toxic creams or expensive treatments?

Maybe you’ve consulted professionals and skin therapists or doctors and told you have adult acne. Have you been disappointed when the only support offered is a prescription for an antibiotic like doxycycline?

If you’ve heard you are what you eat, this is incredibly re...

 Reactive oxygen species. Free radicals. Oxidative Stress. It’s all in the same boat.

Oxidative stress refers to the imbalance between free radicals and their stabilizing agent’s antioxidants. The imbalance being that there’s too much oxidative stress and not enough antioxidants to keep it under control. The real problem is oxidative stress breeds more oxidative stress.

Mind you, oxidative stress when produced in low amounts as it a by-product of normal cellular activity, can actually b...

Sleep is an essential part of recovery. It’s a time when we move from our ‘fight or flight response’ to our ‘rest and digest’ phase when our body goes through all the necessary processes to cleanse us of the activity of the day just gone and prepare us for the day ahead. Sleep helps us function better, improves our concentration and focus and also enhances our energy and feelings of vitality and confidence! It also allows us to make better food decisions (that aren’t driven by hunger)...

June 17, 2019

It’s Saturday night and my 11year old step son has recently discovered a love of cooking. 

I’m encouraging this new found love of this tech-free activity and spending lots of time cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. We’ve made lots of fun things so far. Tonight we experimented making a gluten free, nutrient rich pizza from scratch. 

This was so much fun and the end result tasted amazing. I’d strongly recommend getting the little ones in the kitchen for some creative fun. Or t...

Want to supercharge your morning tea or coffee?

Try my delicious high protein homemade hemp and coconut milk. 

This milk is creamy, delicious and really quick and easy to make. 

Each 200ml serve contains 10g of protein along with a healthy serve of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

For ages I’ve been looking for a great dairy substitute which tastes sweet and creamy, has a high protein content and is free of unhealthy additives. 

Today I blended a fresh batch in second...

As it starts cooling down in Australia, it’s very common that a lot of people’s mood starts to change. When the sun is shining it’s easy to feel happy and resilient, but then we hit Autumn and start seeing rain and clouds and suddenly people commonly report feeling down and depressed.

This phenomenon is aptly named SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) where people report symptoms of depression, mood disorders, hopelessness, fatigue, sleep difficulties, weight gain, social withdrawal and even...

Have you recently been told by your doctor that your cholesterol is high? Typically, this calls for alarm bells after seeing one or many parameters of your blood (‘serum’) cholesterol being raised, and the topic of conversation may even lead into a pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering drug called a statin.

BUT is high cholesterol all that bad?

After all, cholesterol is essential for:

  • brain health

  • heart health

  • sex hormone production (which doesn’t happen at certain times of t...

As a Nutritionist barely a day goes by without someone asking your opinion on the latest health craze. Hopeful eyes stare into mine as they wonder if this is “the answer” that will have them looking and feeling younger, healthier and happier. 

Many of us are passionate about our desire for better health and happiness and truly mean to do our best each day to achieve it. 

For most however, our conviction is fleeting. Each day presents a new challenge to your resolve. Many night...

Staying on track over the holidays is hard. Most of us throw caution to the wind and forget/rebel against all the hard work we put in all year.

While it's very important we enjoy our time socialising and bonding with our friends and family for our emotional health, it's also important to recognise that this can de-rail from our health goals.

For some, the new year starts with what feels like a point of no return, often having undone all of our hard work. The new year starts with a bigge...

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Is Your Facewash Damaging Your Health?

March 18, 2017

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February 10, 2016

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