Onsite Testing - Immediate Results

Our onsite, clinical testing with immediate results allow instant insight into the root cause of your problem. Click on the test names below for further information.



  • Food Intolerance testing: Conducted on-site and results are ready in just 60mins. For more information about food intolerance testing click here

  • Digital Body Composition and Cellular Health ScreeningA quick and easy test using the latest technology to assess current and ideal levels of body fat, Muscle Mass,  Total Body Weight, Hydration, Metabolic Function and Cellular Health. To read more click here.

  • We also offer a range of other clinical testing which may require a home collection or attendance at a laboratory such as:

    • Adrenal health and Stress Profiles

    • Thyroid and Metabolic Health

    • Nutrition and General Health Screenings

    • Stool assessment​



Our Promise: Your test results will be explained to you in detail and we will provide immediate solutions that you can easily implement. Reports are available to be printed or eco-friendly email.


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