2022 Fresh Start Program
  • 2022 Fresh Start Program

    Important notice - PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently at capacity. Our current waiting list for this service is approximately 6-8 weeks. By purchasing today you will be securing a place in order to begin 6-8 weeks from now. You will receive an email shortly after purchasing with further information and your estimated commencement date. 


    Our Fresh Start Program is uniquely tailored to suit each person's specific needs.


    • Do you struggle to lose weight?
    • Are you concerned about your thyroid health?
    • Do you suffer with intense cravings which make it hard to stay on track?
    • Do you carry stubborn body fat around the middle or thighs?  


    Developed from our Metabolic Health Check (as featured in The Daily Mail) where our Nutritionist Jennifer provided Lauren and Kelsey a program tailored to their unique needs to achieve life changing health and mindset improvements for successful weight loss.


    Now, by popular demand, we expand upon our Metabolic Health Check to bring you a complete solution for losing weight and feeling great for good. 


    Package includes:


    1. Step 1: Blood testing for a thorough assessment of your metabolic health and nutrition requirements. We screen for underlying factors which may be slowing or preventing weight loss - allowing you to hit the ground running. 
    2. Step 2: Thorough assessment of you and your individual health needs through our easy to use "click and go" health assessment tools.  We gather all the required information upfront so your program can be uniquely tailored to you - without having to wade through numerous appointments first. 
    3. Step 3: We put together a detailed Health Summary Report and Personalised 12 Week Plan - explaining the outcome of all assessments, any underlying health issues preventing weight loss, what you need to change, what you're doing well and what areas need some attention/support/improvement. We'll give you a step by step 12 Week Action Plan to follow to ensure optimum healthy weight loss is achieved and sustained throughout the program and beyond. 
    4. Step 4: A private consultation with our Principal Nutritionist Jennifer May to discuss your action plan and any questions you may have. 
    5. Step 5: Begin your tailored program supported by 5 x live coaching sessions and on-demand email support with Nutritionist Jennifer May to walk you through the pillars of successful weight loss and metabolic health. 


    We also include:


    • A recipe pack with shopping lists. All recipes include listed calories, macros and even a MyFitnessPal quick scan barcode for easy tracking. 
    • Our unique "Dietary Blueprint" - tailored to suit your recommended calorie and macro range. Learn how to easily plan out your day and adapt any recipe or menu option to suit your goals. 
    • A guideline of your ideal calories, macros and therapeutic foods to focus on throughout your program to achieve optimum results. 
    •  A personalised prescription of recommended supplements to ensure underlying issues are addressed and you get optimum results.


    OPTIONAL EXTRAS: You can also opt to include a personalised 7 or 14 day menu plan tailored to suit your unique needs. Alternatively, opt to include fortnightly menu plans emailed to you throughout the 12 weeks. 


    Prefer these assessments without the ongoing support or consultations? See our Metabolic Health Check.


      • Step 1: Complete Your Purchase and provide required information
      • Step 2: We will forward your prepaid referral to have your bloods tested at your local medical centre or pathology collection centre* and links to access our 'easy to use click and go' assessmennt tools
      • Step 3: We'll get started on your tailored program.

      *Note: We use laverty pathology medical screening for our blood tests. Your referral will allow you to attend any collection centre without the need for an appointment. There are hundreds of collection centres in NSW. Outside of NSW we use QML/Abbott/Dorevitch/Western Diagnostics.

      Please remember that pathology centres are currently responding to COVID-19.  Challenges/delays to test results may pop up from time to time due to this. 


      This service is currently available in Australia only. If you are based outside of Australia, please consider our Comprehensive Health Screening as an alternative.


      Refunds or service changes can be processed until the point that you have undertaken any blood testing or included services. Refunds will be processed directly onto the original card provided during the transaction (processed via Stripe). Cancellation fees will apply to the value that Stripe charges us.