Comprehensive Health Screening With 40 Min Consult
  • Comprehensive Health Screening With 40 Min Consult

    Our Comprehensive Health Screening is ideal if you want to fast-track your goals and have a personalised diet and lifestyle plan designed specifically for you, based on your unique requirements, without the need for an initial consultation. 


    In this package, we have combined the best of both worlds - begin with your comprehensive health screening, receive your detailed summary report and guidelines, then book a time for a 40 minute consultation to discuss your plan, have a VLA Body Composition and Cellular Health Assessment at a time that suits you. 


    How does it work?


    Rather than the traditional, slower method of conducting consultation after consultation to talk things through, our Comprehensive Health Screening collects all pertenent information upfront via our online questionnaires.


    Our Nutritionist will use this information to tailor a step-by-step 8 week program including recommeded dietary changes, supplements/natural medicines to take and lifestyle changes to help you reach your health goals. Your plan will be tailored to suit your hormonal balance, stress levels, mental wellbeing, food cravings, typical eating style, detox requirements, baseline metabolism, sleep quality, energy and motivation. 


    Through our unique screening formula we will assess your:

    • Toxicity exposure and detox requirements
    • Baseline body temperature
    • General health and personal goals
    • Sleep and energy
    • Mood and stress
    • 3 day diet diary
    • Bowel health and digestive processing


    You will receive a digital support pack including:

    • High priority dietary changes
    • High priority lifestyle modifications
    • Your recommended step-by-step supplement plan
    • Your recommended and therapeutic foods list
    • A list of healthy recipes suited to your goals
    • Digital prescription of high quality natural medicines, only available with prescription from Nutritionist or GP. Where possible, we provide you with direct access allowing you to purchase directly from the suppliers with next day delivery.
    • Recommendations of any further investigation which would be of benefit, or which may be necessary, in order to enhance your well-being and assist with your health goals. 

    Also included

    • 40 minute consultation with VLA


    Please note:

    • Patients with particular health concerns, health risks, or complications which warrant further investigation may be referred to a GP or specialist practitioner. We also work directly with many pathology companies and health providers to ensure the best experience and patient care.
    • If your results of your assessments require specialist medical attention, or indicate any red flag symptoms we will advise the most appropriate next step to obtain the care you require. In this instance we will provide a briefing for your doctor to assist you in getting the best possible care as quickly as possible.



    • Step 1: Purchase the screening package. 
    • Step 2: You will then be sent the links to all required questionnaires.
    • Step 3: On completion, our Nutritionist will now analyse the data and begin tailoring your unique plan
    • Step 4: We will send you your support pack with everything you need to get working on achieving your goals. 
    • Step 5: Book and attend your consultation at a later date that suits you.*


    *In-house consultations are currently available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8am to 6pm.



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