Metabolic Health Assessment
  • Metabolic Health Assessment

    This comprehensive overview is ideal for anyone who is struggling to lose weight, or who would like to take preventative measures to ensure optimum metabolic health in the long term.


    As featured in The Daily Mail see here. Our Nutritionist Jennifer begun with our Metabolic Health Assessment and worked with journalists Lauren and Kelsey in a program tailored to their unique needs to achieve optimum health and weight loss success.


    Get your tailored program with our Metabolic health Assessment which incorporates blood testing and extensive health questionnaires to allow us to recommend the ideal diet, supplement and lifestyle modifications to suit your specific needs. 


    Tests include:

    • Extensive thyroid screening including all thyroid hormones and antibodies (click here to read more about thyroid testing) 
    • Comprehensive blood sugar and insulin resistance assessment
    • Liver function and Nutrition assessment
    • Digital body composition and cellular health screening (VLA - click here)
    • Toxicity Exposure & Risk Assessment  
    • Mood and Stress Assessment
    • Hormonal and Menstrual Assessment (females only)
    • 3-day Diet diary analysis & suggested changes 
    • Bowel health and digestion assessment


    You'll receive a detailed report with step by step guidelines including recommendations of high priority dietary changes, a suggested diet plan tailored to your unique needs, supplemental advice, lifestyle changes and any follow up assessments or services we would recommend with us or any other practitioner.


    Prefer this assessment without the blood testing? See our Comprehensive Health Screening.


    Prefer to assess your metabolic health plus food intolerances? See our Ultimate Nutrition package.


      • Step 1: Complete Your Purchase
      • Step 2: We will forward your prepaid referral to have your bloods tested at your local medical centre or pathology collection centre*
      • Step 3: On receipt of your results (typically takes 1 week) we will put together a step by step guideline plus interpretation of your results.


      *Note: We use laverty pathology medical screening for our blood tests. Your referral will allow you to attend any collection centre without the need for an appointment. There are 450 collection centres in NSW.


      This service is currently available in Australia only. If you are based outside of Australia, please consider our Comprehensive Health Screening as an alternative.


      This is an online only service which has been designed to take the place of traditional consultations. For those who have completed this service you are able to take up any of our follow up consultations at standard pricing as this service takes the place of an initial consultation.


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