Ultimate Wellbeing Check - DNA Test & Action Plan
  • Ultimate Wellbeing Check - DNA Test & Action Plan

    Ever wonder why two people can eat the exact same foods and experience different health effects or more weight gains/losses?


    By analysing your genetics, we help you discover your body’s ideal nutrition & fitness plan. This simple test provides actionable DNA insights that you can turn into powerful lifestyle, fitness, and diet changes. 

    How can the 'Ultimate Wellbeing Check' assist?

    Our goal is to empower you to take more control in improving your quality of life. This report can assist you in understanding how your genes can influence:


    • Your body size and weight.
    • Your ability to lose or gain weight.
    • Your appetite and eating behaviors.
    • How your body stores and processes dietary fats.
    • Your risk of developing cardiovascular disease (and how to improve it)
    • Your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs.
    • Your sensitivity to specific tastes, foods and drinks based on your genetics.
    • Your power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you exercise.