Winter Essentials Pack
  • Winter Essentials Pack

    Our winter essentials pack covers all bases to maintain optimum health and wellbeing this winter. A combination of high quality supplements, supplying essential nutrients, along with delicious recipes and a 7 day meal plan - you'll have all you need to support optimum wellbeing. 



    1. $135 worth of supplements includes:
      • 90  day supply of Vitamin D spray. Liquid vitamin D offers the best absorption and this handy spray bottle allows convenient dosing.  Vitamin D supports optimum immune surveillance and enhances emotional wellbeing (learn more about this in our Winter Wellness Webinar).
      • 60 day supply of Vitamin C and Zinc in convenient 1 per day tablet. Zinc is crucial for supporting production of white blood cells and Vitamin C supports production of interferon (our natural antiviral agent).
      • A high quality multivitamin with therapeutic dosages of nutrients in a 1 per day dosing. This multivitamin is formulate to help maintain optimum energy, sleep and general Nutrition through the colder months.
    2. A pack of delicious, yet simple, winter warming recipes - loaded with essential Nutrients and immune boosting foods. All recipes have been evaluated and provide calorie and macronutrients values.
    3. A 7 day high protein nutritious meal plan of Winter Wellness Recipes. Tailored to be 1700 calories and high protein, yet easily adaptable should you need more or less calories/protein- simply by modifying your recommended serving sizes or snacks.


    • Delivery

      Your supplements will be delivered to the delivery address you input - please be sure to select the address which is easiest for you to accept and sign for your delivery. If you are not home, it will be taken to your nearest post shop.

      Your meal plan and recipe pack will be emailed to the email address input at point of sale. If you do not receive it within 1 business day, please let us know (after checking your spam folder). 


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