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Food Intolerance Recovery Program

Rebuild your body from chronic stress, fatigue, anxiety and food sensitivities with our renowned 12 Week Recovery Program. 

This program, designed by Nutritionist and recovery expert Jennifer May, is designed to:  

  • Re-balance and rebuild your immune system.

  • Rebuild your digestive system and repair damage done from food sensitivities and intolerances.

  • Improve your general health, energy, vitality and love of food in a simple step-by- step guided program.


Each week we will walk you through the necessary simple steps to full recovery through optimal diet and lifestyle choices. We'll give you the weekly tools to rebuild your health and vitality from the ground up and help you free yourself of  poor digestion, chronic fatigue and food intolerances.  


Why join this program?

  • Learn the right dietary choices for your body. Regain your freedom to enjoy food without uncomfortable digestive symptoms.

  • Learn how to repair your digestive system in our exclusive healing program using our simple and easy to follow step-by-step approach.

  • Learn the supplements which assist with optimum recovery and gain access to a personal prescription of the highest quality natural medicines, only available via a qualified Nutritionist. 

  • Recover your energy, health and vitality - feel like the old you again only younger, stronger and happier than before.

  • Learn about your specific needs for your body: your strengths, your weaknesses and your triggers which usually set you off balance with our weekly assessments.  

  • Learn what to do next – how to re-balance your diet for life-long optimum health and work towards successfully reintroducing your identified problem foods without recreating your health issues.


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