Getting Started on Your Personalised Program

What to expect:


Your first visit at Sydney City Nutritionist will be a comprehensive assessment and digital health appraisal to determine any red-flagged areas which may be contributing to your problem. The purpose of your first visit is to:


  • Determine which type of approach would best suit you and will offer you the best results

  • Discuss your goals and what you feel is currently holding you back

  • Determine what kind of intervention, assessment, or testing will be necessary to create your ideal program


Onsite Testing:


For quick and long lasting results, getting to the root of the problem is essential. Our onsite testing including Food Intolerance Testing and Digital Bioimpedance Body Composition Analysis, allow us to determine the cause and make sure that we provide you with a plan which meets your specific needs by addressing all underlying causes. For more information about available onsite testing click here


Your Personalised Program:


We will provide you with everything that you need to get started on your goals. You will receive a welcome pack which will include an outline of your program designed specifically for you, any relevant information sheets and advice on the most suitable dietary and lifestyle plan for you.


What is provided:

  • A quiet, confidential space for you to share your goals, history, questions, limitations and concerns

  • On-site assessments with immediate results & regular review

  • Reports and information sheets to keep you informed during your health journey

  • A Food Focus Plan or Tailored Diet Plan - we'll choose together which is best for you. Your plan will help you understand how to eat to ensure you meet your goals, accounting for your preferences and any intolerances or food aversions.

  • Support, encouragement and guidance in phone, skype or face to face consultations

  • Personalised diet plans with shopping lists and recipes are available without consultation here.


How to begin:

It really couldn't be easier, get in touch today and we will organise everything you need to get started. Simply choose the option below which you feel most comfortable with.


Questions: If you have any questions or concerns/believe your case may be complex and would like to discuss before booking, feel free to email my friendly reception team or submit an online enquiry here.


Online booking: If you are eager to begin and simply want to know the available times, click here to view available options and book online.


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