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Advanced Nutrition & Cellular Health Screening


Body Composition & Cellular Health Screening

Write your ideal plan to suit your individual needs
At Sydney City Nutritionist, we use the latest and most advanced technology to ensure that your program is individually tailored to suit your specific needs. 

With the VLA Quadscan Body Composition & Cellular Health Assessment, we are able to assess your true baseline and accurately determine the most appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes which will get you quick and long lasting results.

The VLA Quadscan Bodystat 4000 is a TGA approved Medical device which has undergone a large number of extensive clinical trials in order to prove that it is reliable, accurate and provides consistent results which are tried, tested and proven to be of the highest level of accuracy. 


Unlike DEXA which is a whole body Xray our body composition assessment is a safe and effective way to assess if your diet and lifestyle choices are producing results - without exposing your body to radiation.


The VLA Quadscan offers many advantages over other forms of body composition assessment which allows us to provide personalised treatment programs that suit your body's unique requirements.

Find out: 

  • Your ideal weight: Based on your current level of muscle, not just your height and gender.

  • Your body fat percentage:  And the dietary changes required to easily improve. 

  • Your total body water and fluid balance: Find out if your cells are hydrated or if you are suffering from dehydration and/or water retention.

  • Your Metabolic Rate: Find out how many calories you can eat in a day without gaining excess weight. 

  • Your weight loss/weight gain calorie prescription: and how to achieve this with the healthiest possible balance.

  • Your health and vitality score: Using a prediction marker and phase angle we can monitor your progress to even minor changes, and ensure that your program is working for you.

  • Muscle cell quality: Phase angle indicates the quality and health of your muscle, allowing us to track over time and ensure that you are responding positively to increased activity or exercise.

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