Phone Consultation

Phone Consultation

Want help with your personalised diet and lifestyle plan but have no time to leave the office? Or just like the idea of improving your health from the comfort of home? Then our teleconsult is ideal for you. 


Our teleconsults are available between the hours of 9am to 2pm Monday to Thursday. Simply purchase, then click here to book your preferred time.


Your initial phone consultation will include:

  • Discovery: Your practitioner will gather information of your health history, challenges and key goals - to ensure you gain as much as possible from this session.
  • Baseline Analysis: An overview of your current dietary and lifestyle choices, and any supplements or medications you are taking (or keeping in the cupboard, meaning to take). 
  • Goal setting and Guidance: Together, you and your practitioner will formulate a simple, yet effective, plan to help you achieve your goals with little disruption to daily life.
  • Personalised action plan: Following your consultation you will receive a digital copy of your personalised action plan, including recommended foods, supplements, lifestyle focus and any further reading or recipes which are relevent to you. 

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