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Initial Consultation Package

Initial Consultation Package

Your initial consultation package will include:

  • Discovery: Your practitioner will gather information of your health history, challenges and key goals - to ensure you gain as much as possible from this session.
  • Baseline Analysis: An overview of your current dietary and lifestyle choices, and any supplements or medications you are taking (or keeping in the cupboard, meaning to take). 
  • Goal setting and Guidance: Together, you and your practitioner will formulate a simple, yet effective, plan to help you achieve your goals with little disruption to daily life.
  • Personalised action plan: Following your consultation you will receive a digital copy of your personalised action plan, including recommended foods, supplements, lifestyle focus and any further reading or recipes which are relevent to you. 
  • Follow up consultation: Your package also includes your first follow up consultation - which is usually taken 2 weeks later. During this session we'll discuss progress, any questions/challenges, and modify your plan as required to ensure optimum results are easily achieved and maintained.
  • Option to include a meal plan: Choose whether you'd like to add on a meal plan or not. 7 Day personalised menu plans are available for $50 additional. 
  • Availability

    • Virtual appointments are available Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm
    • In-house appointments are available from 930am to 630pm on Wednesdays 
  • Health fund rebates

    Please review our FAQ section regarding health fund rebate availability. You must check with your fund directly to confirm eligibility. 

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