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Genetic Wellness Blueprint
  • Genetic Wellness Blueprint

    Unlock Ultimate Health with the Genetic Blueprint

    If you're looking to achieve ultimate health, we have the ideal testing solution for you. Powered by the team of scientists at MyDNA, coupled with Jennifer's 13 yrs of experience in the field of Nutritional Medicine, the genetic wellness blueprint is your roadmap to ultimate health through personalised Nutrition.


    A cutting-edge genetic testing service that provides unparalleled insights into your unique genetic makeup and how it impacts your health & nutritional needs. You'll learn:

    • The nutrients you need to focus on to help optimise your health
    • Nutrients you may need to supplement due to poor absorption/conversion
    • The surprising things that may stop you from losing weight - do you need to stop eating before 730pm? Keep carbs below 30%? Avoid aspartame? Eat less than 22g saturated fats? Drink more/less coffee?
    • Diseases you may be more susceptible to - and how to prevent them
    • Foods you should focus on
    • The best macro split for you based on your genetics - should you be increasing your carbs/fats or protein intake?
    • The foods and chemicals you may be sensitive to
    • How to optimise your exercise performance and recovery
    • Your methylation profile (MTHFR, COMT, PEMT and more)
    • Your requirement for less commonly prescribed nutrients such as choline, betaine, psterostilbene, apegenin.
    • Your caffeine tolerance
    • Your probability of lactose intolerance and coeliac's disease
    • What's keeping you awake at night (and how to resolve it)
    • What nutrients, lifestyle changes and diet modifications will improve your mental health<