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Gut Health Check & Prescribed Action Plan
  • Gut Health Check & Prescribed Action Plan

    One of our most popular screenings. Analysis of your stool sample will provide an overview of:

    • Your levels of healthy gut bacteria which contribute to good health and good digestion
    • Your levels of gut bacteria which may cause symptoms of ill health
    • Any parasites or pathogenic microbes which may reduce nutrient absorption and cause distressing symptoms.
    • Any signs of poor digestion or underlying issues such as fat malabsorption, reduced enzyme production or inadequate chewing.

    This package includes a comprehensive summary report and action plan which describes your results in plain English and how this may be affecting your health. You can also opt to include a food intolerance blood test. 


    During your consultation with Jennifer, we'll prescribe any recommended dietary changes and any relevant supplements/lifestyle changes which will assist in restoring optimum health and wellbeing.


    If a food intolerance test was included, we'll advise on how to heal your gut, reduce sensitivity and how to safely remove or reduce these foods (temporarily) as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 


    To compare foods tested in each testing panel click here.