Ultimate Nutrition - Comprehensive Blood Testing, Consult, Diet Plan & More
  • Ultimate Nutrition - Comprehensive Blood Testing, Consult, Diet Plan & More

    With a combination of our most requested testing and services, the Ultimate Nutrition package is everything you need to get started on your health goals. 



    1. Comprehensive testing panel: 96 foods intolerance blood test, Level 1 Thyroid Screening (TSH, T4, T3), Blood glucose assessment (fasting glucose, insulin), Liver function test, General Nutrition blood screening. Discover your ideal diet based on your unique blood markers.
    2. Initial consultation with Nutritionist Jennifer May - Discuss your test results, a realistic and effective action plan and how to achieve your ideal diet based on blood test results. 
    3. Prescribed diet and supplement plan according to your unique profile. You'll receive a 7 day diet plan tailored to your unique needs, a general eating guide for when eating off plan and advice on the supplements which will help you achieve your goals. 


    Step by Step process:

    1. Testing: In step 1 you'll receive a referral to have your blood drawn for the testing component. Attend any Laverty Pathology collection centre with your prepaid referral. We'll typically have your results of all tests within 10-15 business days.*
      • Note: Choose between the standard 96 foods panel or the vegetarian panel.
    2. Consultation & Dietary Tailoring: Step 2 is your initial consultation with our Nutritionist. Here, you'll discuss your goals, health history and the findings of completed testing. Choose between a phone or video consultation.
    3. Prescribed Diet Plan: