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Childrens Nutrition Programs

Feeding fussy eaters can feel like a constant uphill struggle.


Fussy eating in children may indicate an underlying health condition such as food intolerance/allergy or even nutritional deficiencies. My Childrens Nutrition programs assess all potential causes of fussy eating while also working with your child to improve the appreciation of food as medicine.


Whether your child has a specific health condition or you simply want my guidance to ensure your child is getting all he/she needs, I have solutions available.


Kids love to learn, create and teach. My Childrens Nutrition programs work with all three. They learn about their bodies and the link between good nutrition and health, they create delicious foods from the recipes provided and they are encouraged to teach you and their friends about how to improve health through eating better. 


From worksheets, fun recipes, and regular skype consultations - your child will be excited and inspired to eat healthy and nutritious meals. 


With my MAPS training and as a certified MINDD practitioner, I am able to support all children including those with special needs such as aspergers, autism or ADHD. I will ensure that the dietary and supportive care are backed with the latest scientific research. I firmly practice a foods as medicine approach and utilise food sources over supplmeents wherever possible. As a Naturopathic Nutritionist I am also able to prescribe nutritional and combined nutrition and herbal formulas when needed to support conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, digestive distress, constipation and mood disorders.



Run a school / new mums group? I also offer group information sessions in and around Sydney CBD. Click the button below to send me an email and let me know what you need.


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