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Women's Wellbing Talk Series- Is Your Beauty Regime Damaging Your Health?

Thank you to all who came along to my women's health talk for International Women's Day. I was delighted to be able to speak to such a wonderful audience and to share some insight into the challenges and health complications that women of today face.

In this talk, we discussed the pressures of modern day women, the pressures which lead to high consumerism of beauty products. More importantly, we discussed the shocking health implications of the chemical laden personal care products which are marketed to women as safe and healthy choices.

We also discussed how these chemicals can disrupt your hormones and may even bring on menopause up to 4 years early. With the average age now just 45 years old, an early menopause could mean you are perimenopausal at under 40 years old - it is time to take action now.

We talked about the true meaning of menopause and how to take measures to improve your health now to preserve optimum health and hormone balance. The role of the adrenal glands and the complications that stress, both physical and emotional, cause, for women's health.

Finally we discussed what a healthy diet truly is, what the ideal plate should look like. The benefits of superfoods - including broccoli, green tea and chocolate.

For those who couldn't make it, and for those who'd like to see the video again, here it is. For those who'd like to know more about this topic, stay tuned. I've got more great blogs coming up soon which expand on the chemical load of our beauty products and the chemical free, natural alternatives you can switch to in order to improve your health.

I hope you enjoy this video, please feel free to leave a comment and do of course share this content with the your loved ones.

If you're interested in booking a talk or workshop for your workplace please email

Happy International Women's Day.

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy.

Jennifer May Adv.Dip.Nut.Med.ATMS


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