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Healthy, High-Protein, Dairy Free, Egg Free Breakfast or Snack

Delicious, quick and easy healthy snack (or light meal) that is dairy free paleo high protein low-carb and high in calcium.

Take half an avocado, one tin of sardines and half a lemon. You could use the sardines in tomato juice as I have here, or the use plain sardines for a very small reduction in carbohydrates (there's only 3g in the tomato version anyway). Scoop the sardines right into the bowl-shaped hole the avocado seed makes, then top with lemon juice. I've also added Himalayan rock salt, cracked pepper and some sesame seeds. This meal doesn't really need the seeds but I like the crunch and, quite frankly, they just make it so much more #insta worthy don't you think? This meal provides 260 calories, 6 g of healthy carbohydrates, 12 g of super-healthy fats and 16 g of protein. The sardines contain 200mg of calcium, which is the equivalent to 150g of yoghurt.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Until next time, stay deliciously healthy.

Kindest Regards

Jennifer May


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