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Top 5 Tips For a Delicious, Nutritious, Detox and Weightloss Friendly Smoothie Bowl

I love breakfast in summertime, there's something really delicious about waking up with the sunlight and having breakfast outdoors. For me, this is on my balcony looking over the Sydney harbour which I adore.

There are lots of wonderful breakfast ideas to pick from. There's something to suit the vegans, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, paleo etc etc. But one of my absolute favourites is a delicious, nutritious, protein-packed smoothie bowl.

Today I'd like to share with you my top tips for summer smoothie bowls that set you up for an energised and inspired day.

Step 1: Protein - You should always have protein with breakfast, and a smoothie bowl is no exception. While I'd love to tell you that a sprinkling of nuts, seeds and/or a layer of chia, is enough protein, this simply isn't true. I like to add a serve of healthy protein such as hemp seed protein, brown rice protein, or fermented rice and pea protein such as Amazonia Raw. This ensures a stable and healthy 20g protein serve which will have you charged and ready for your day.

Step 2: 1 cup of Frozen fruit - frozen fruit are the staple of any good smoothie bowl. A key note here is to purchase fruit that are already quite ripe, chop them and place them in the freezer. I always buy an extra bunch of bananas to allow them to ripen (until they are freckled is best) and then chop them and place them in the freezer. Other fruits that work really well include kiwi, mango, papaya, pineapple.

Step 4: Alkalise and Mineralise - a good handful or two of greens is also a great addition to a smoothie bowl for added alkalising minerals. Frozen greens such as spinach also work really well here, however I've used everything from zucchini to frozen cauliflower - it's all good.

Step 5: Supercharge - now for the supercharge with added superfoods. I typically add cacao to most smoothies and smoothie bowls for a magnesium boost. Cacao is also rich in polyphenols which are nature's appetite suppressant. See my article on the benefits of cacao here. Other great boosters include Matcha powder (for liver detoxification, blood sugar balance, weight loss aid and added theonine and caffeine combined - for energy boost without the stress response), Acai for a truck load of antioxidants and super-enerising key nutrients.

Note: most of these ingredients can now be found in the health food section of the supermarkets, or your local health food store. Acai is now being sold in the freezer section of Coles.

Now all there is to do is add a small amount of water and blend - it's best to pulse for a while. Add more water as necessary but try not to over-do the water or you'll end up with a smoothie, rather than smoothie bowl.

For toppings, I typically add fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt, nuts, seeds etc. However the smoothie bowl is just great as is.

Here are a few of my recent smoothie bowls, taken from my insta-page. Don't forget to follow me for daily inspiration.

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy.

Kindest Regards

Jennifer May Adv.Dip.Nut.Med.ATMS.MINDD


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