Personalised Weight Loss Programs

Are you finding weight-loss a challenge? Have you tried all the usual methods but nothing seems to work?


We would love to help you to tailor a healthy diet and lifestyle program to suit your specific needs, tastes and preferences. We take a unique approach to weight loss which consistently achieves quick and long lasting results.


  • Firstly our Nutritionist will analyse your current diet and tell you some simple ways you can modify this to achieve your goals, boost your metabolism and improve your energy.

  • On-site clinical testing will ensure that that your program is effective in offering you the best possible results in the quickest time frame

  • Nutritional guidance and support sessions will make sure you can easily maintain the results achieved. 


Our promise: Your program will be easy to implement, easy to follow, will be designed specifically for you and our support will ensure you maintain long lasting results. Your recommended foods will be delicious. We believe in real food.

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Here's what people are saying about our weight loss programs:


"I came to the nutritionist after following a "healthy" diet and exercise and not having any success losing weight. I came to Jen and had a food intolerance test and found out a big problem for me was a lot of the healthy food I was eating wasn't actually agreeing with me.


I did the 8 week weight loss program which was perfect for me. As someone who is impatient and likes to see results immediately, when I don't get them in the short term I usually give up. Having a weekly meeting with Jen and having to weigh in each week made me accountable for what I was doing and helped me to keep on track and focused on my goal. If I had a week where I worked really hard but wasn't getting the results I wanted, Jen was able to explain to me what was the cause and put a new plan in place to correct it (for me detoxing) and it worked! 8 weights also allowed me time to adjust to my new healthy lifestyle so now it feels normal rather than a chore or effort. Jen's online forum is great as it allows you to record what you eat and have access to a huge range of recipes. When I got my food intolerance results I thought I could only eat salad but Jen has shown me that there's still a huge variety of things to eat."

Saskia (Sydney)



Sydney City Nutritionist


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Sydney, NSW 2000