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Personalised Weight Loss Programs

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It's Time For a Fresh Start​​

Feel younger, stronger, healthier through our 

renowned Fresh Start program.

Fresh Start Program

Our Fresh Start program is uniquely tailored to suit each person's specific needs after a thorough assessment using our unique screening methods.


  • Do you struggle to lose weight?

  • Are you concerned about your thyroid health?

  • Do you suffer with intense cravings which make it hard to stay on track?

  • Do you carry stubborn body fat around the middle or thighs?  

  • Are you tired of feeling hopeful with little to no results?


Now, by popular demand, we expand upon our Metabolic Health Check to bring you a complete solution for losing weight and feeling great for good. 


No quick-fixes, no generic plans, no juice fasting, no one-size-fits-all guidelines, no more feeling disappointed and demotivated by week 2. Beginning with our Complete Metabolic Health Check, combined with a tailored 12 week program, one on one consultations with our Principal Nutritionist Jennifer May and more - our Fresh Start program is a complete solution for a healthier, happier lifestyle.  

Learn How To:

Enjoy your favourite foods without putting your goals on hold

Modify any recipe to suit your specific health goals

Integrate a healthy lifestyle with your current lifestyle and social life

What others say:

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..... Both women were successful in transforming their minds, bodies and in many ways, their lives - losing a combined 15kg in the process.... 

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*Click here to view article reviewing our weight loss program 

Here's what people are saying about our weight loss programs:


"I came to the nutritionist after following a "healthy" diet and exercise and not having any success losing weight. I came to Jen and had a food intolerance test and found out a big problem for me was a lot of the healthy food I was eating wasn't actually agreeing with me.


I did the 8 week weight loss program which was perfect for me. As someone who is impatient and likes to see results immediately, when I don't get them in the short term I usually give up. Having regular meeting with Jen and having to weigh in each week made me accountable for what I was doing and helped me to keep on track and focused on my goal. If I had a week where I worked really hard but wasn't getting the results I wanted, Jen was able to explain to me what was the cause and put a new plan in place to correct it (for me detoxing) and it worked! 8 weights also allowed me time to adjust to my new healthy lifestyle so now it feels normal rather than a chore or effort. Jen's online forum is great as it allows you to record what you eat and have access to a huge range of recipes. When I got my food intolerance results I thought I could only eat salad but Jen has shown me that there's still a huge variety of things to eat."

Saskia (Sydney)



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