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Personalised Programs

Personalised Weight Loss Programs

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Personalised Detox Programs

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Preconception & Pregnancy 

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Onsite Testing

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Your personalised program will be tailored to suit your unique needs and will recommend diet, supplement and lifestyle adjustments to help you achieve optimum health.


There are two options to get started on your personalised program:

Option 1: Initial Consultation

Come and see us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your goals, needs and current diet and lifestyle choices and determine the changes which would best suit you.


Through a series of follow up consultations your Nutritionist will guide you through your program step by step, and monitor your progress using the relevant onsite testing. 

Option 2: Comprehensive Health Screening

For those who want a head start on the ultimate personalised experience, completely tailored to suit your unique needs from day 1, we'd recommend the Comprehensive Health Screening which follows the 3 step process below.

Step 1: Book Your CHS

Book your comprehensive health screening any time night or day to get started by clicking here.


Once purchased, you'll gain access to our unique online health assessment tools which allow us to quickly and efficiently assess your current needs upfront.


Assess your stress levels, dietary intake, hormonal balance, toxicity, sleep and energy and personal goals with our unique assessment tools.

Step 2: Your Questionnaires

Using your health assessment questionnaires, our Nutritionist will analyse the data and tailor a personalised, step-by-step, 8 week diet, supplement and lifestyle plan. 


She will also advise a recommended schedule of follow up appointments and any additional testing or progress assessment which is beneficial.

Step 3: Your Personalised Program

Your will receive a detailed digital health report and step by step action plan to walk you through your personalised program.


This program is broken down into manageable, achievable and effective weekly steps, with guidelines of when to book review consultations or further assessments with Jennifer to monitor your progress.

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