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How to Make Kale Chips

I'm a big snacker and just love all things spicy and crunchy. As a Nutritionist I'm also a big fan of the magical healing properties of leafy green veggies (obviously).

As I'm a big foodie and a lover of all things snacky, my diet plans are filled delicious snack options. I love to provide an exciting change from the traditional plain veggie sticks and include nut butters, choc avo mousse, fruit, berries, coconut treats - I really believe it's important to have a variety of tasty snacks in any successful Nutrition plan.

When I heard about Kale Chips I have to admit I didn't hold very high hopes. I assumed that they would taste pretty average and would be a quick fad to pass. However, after a little shopping mishap I ended up with 2 ENORMOUS bunches - time to experiment.

With little patience for food that is faddish, I wasn't willing to dedicate much time to this experiment. Luckily, Kale chips take about 10mins to prepare from start to finish. A little known fact is that, unlike most other veggies, kale is actually better for you when cooked (tastes much better too). From my first attempt I fell in love and now it's safe to say I'm hooked.

If you're not a veggie lover or find that greens taste bitter to you then you can try adding a splash of lime juice and a lot more spices to mask the veggie flavour.

kale chips.jpg

6 Steps to Kale Chip Heaven:

  1. 1) Start by heating your oven to around 200 degrees.

  2. 2) Tear off the leaves and place on a large flat baking tray - cookie trays work best.

  3. 3) Sprinkle with oil such as coconut or macadamia.

  4. 4) Then add a good pinch of salt, ground black pepper and paprika and/or chili flakes.

  5. 5) Place in the oven for around 5mins or until crisp - keep watch, this happens fast

  6. 6) Place in a bowl and kick back and enjoy your guilt free spicy snack

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy,

Jennifer May


Sydney City Nutritionist

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