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Top 10 Tips for Supermodel Skin...

I'm often asked for my opinion on beauty products and supplements promising younger/wrinkle free skin that will wind back the hands of time. Honestly, when it comes to healthy skin, nothing really beats exercise, good sleep and great Nutrition. Good genetics certainly plays a part here too.

Your diet and digestive health has the biggest impact. If you are eating foods that your body cannot break down, this will lead to nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and digestive distress - this drains your body of nutrients further, particularly Zinc, Essential fatty acids (good fats) and vitamin C - all essenital nutrients for maintaining a healthy glowing complexion. Food intolerances often cause skin conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Urticaria and Dermatitis.

Q: So how do I achieve supermodel skin?

Nutrition Tips for Great Skin

First, establish a good skin care regime - there's no point putting in the hard yards with your diet and lifestyle and then ruining it all with the wrong choice of skin care. For this I'd highly recommend ridding yourself of all of the chemical laden cr*p that is probably drying your skin, draining your wallet and loading you up on toxic chemicals in return. To detoxify your body from the chemical burden you need to further drain resources of essential nutrients such've guessed it... zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamin C. Which we've already established leads to a dull complexion, breakouts and wrinkles.

For natural skin care that won't break the bank, I recommend using an all purpose soap such as Dr Bronners All in One Lavender soap followed by moisturising with a few drops of coconut oil. Dab the oil onto skin that is still warm and slightly damp - this ensures the pores are still open for maximum absorption and the water helps you to get an even spread of oil without having to use too much. I find this a very effective regime for all skin types.

If you really love the white tubs and cosmetic smells, which is a nice treat I have to admit, I would highly recommend Z'Kin Organics who have a wonderful, all natural, organic range. My skin feels fabulous after using these products.

Next it's time to get pooing - yes that's right. A daily, healthy poo = healthy glowing skin. It's really simple, if you're not eliminating through your bowel, you will have to compensate by eliminating more via the skin. A healthy diet with 6 handfuls of vegetables (yes that includes salad) every day and adequate water will ensure a healthy bowel movement. Note: If you're struggling with constipation or diarrhoea despite a healthy diet then your diet is not healthy for you - time for a change!

Q: What do I need to eat?

The truth is there are many essential nutrients, however the nutrients below are particularly important. Focus on obtaining healthy sources of these key nutrients and you may just cheat your way into that student discount after all...


Foods with a high silica content - cucumber, celery, apple strawberry oats and mangos

What silica does - Silica strengthens connective tissues

How to get more silica into your diet - enjoy a smoothie of above ingredients, try an oatmeal facemask, eat bircher - oats soaked overnight with grated apple and cinnamon Signs you need more silica - weak nails, thin or dry hair


Foods with a high chlorophyll content - green vegetables, spirulina, chlorella

What chlorophyll does - what makes plants green (considered to be "plant blood", a natural multi-mineral source, improves oxygen delivery and circulation, a natural laxative

Remember - you need a daily poo for good skin - your skin will never be healthy until you eliminate frequently and effectively. Otherwise you will detox through the skin causing dryness, itching, inflammation and pimples


Probiotics have stacks of evidence to prove their benefits on overall health by improving, rebuilding and protecting the most important system in our body - the digestive system. In my practice I've had the best success with treating severe skin conditions when patients have completed my gut healing program. Probiotics are a big part of that.

Q: So what are your top 10 tips for supermodel skin?

My favorite homemade skin therapy regime is:

  1. Start the day with a glass of fresh lemon juice mixed with water or chilled green tea, take a good quality probiotic at this time.

  2. Follow this with a smoothie containing spinach, apple, strawberry, cucumber and a good fat source such as avocado, chia seeds or flaxseed oil. I also like to add a serve of Acai berries for an additional antioxidant boost. Antioxidants help to prevent cells from early aging.

  3. Ensure plenty of healthy fats throughout the day by including avocado, raw nuts and seeds, olives, extra virgin olive oil etc in to meals and snacks.

  4. Consider adding gut healthy foods such as fermented veggies into your daily regime for a natural source of pre and Probiotics - I love the SuperKraut by Peace Love and Vegetables.

  5. Drink 2l of water minimum every day. Add cucumber slices lemon or lime juice for additional minerals and antioxidants.

  6. Eat your greens. Aim for 6 handfuls every day for a natural chlorophyll boost.

  7. Try a face mask of oats soaked in water. If you are sensitive to oats, try quinoa flakes.

  8. Try moisturizing with coconut oil - no chemicals, fragrances or uneccessary chemicals. Great value for money too!

  9. Finally be chemical aware - Your skin is your largest organ and actively absorbs almost everything it comes in to contact with. If you wouldn't eat what's in your skin care you probably shouldn't be using it.

  10. An early night or a nap whenever possible, good relaxation, happiness and laughter with friends - your natural beautifier.

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy.

Jennifer May Adv.Dip.Nut.Med.ATMS.MINDD


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