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Thank you for your inspiration...

Hi folks and Happy New Year! Welcome back from your well deserved breaks. I hope your year has begun with smiles and fierce determination to make this year even greater than the last.

SCN is now back in action after a fabulous Christmas break. January is a wonderful time in our clinic. Many people get tempted to shy away from their Nutritionist in January for fear of being scolded or disappointed - they've got it all wrong. At SCN we ensure our patients see January as a chance to celebrate a new beginning, a new year with new possibilities and new opportunities. A fresh start to be the best version of yourself, to treat your body right, to eat and sleep well and to exercise regularly.

Maybe this is why our January appointments book up like concert tickets, and why we were rushed off our feet today with no time for tea breaks.

However at the end of such a busy day, packed with determined, hopeful faces, it's hard not to feel humbled. Each day as a Nutritionist, I'm granted the opportunity to help a person change their lives for the better... How great is that?

Each person comes to me with a vision of how they would like to feel/look/perform and I help to structure the plan to get them there as safely, quickly and healthily as possible. What's more, I also get to guide them along the way and reap the benefits of a happy, healthy patient filled with gratitude and recognition for the part that I played. I'm truly blessed.

So I thought it was time to say thank you. Thank you to all of those patients who have trusted me as your health care provider over the years. Thank you for bringing me your inspiration, motivation and plans and for allowing me to facilitate bringing them to life. Thank you for filling our clinic with smiles and gratitude when you see your hard work pay off.

Most of all thank you for inspiring me to be the greatest, hardest working and most educated version of myself I can possibly be.

And to my wonderful, extra special, autistic 5 year old patient, who blessed me with perfect eye contact and wonderful, engaging stories today - a special thank you to you. You have come so far in the 6 months that I have known you and are an inspiration to all children. I look forward to seeing your picture chart homework filled with your favourite medicine foods next visit.

I look forward to helping you all make your dreams come true this year. If you haven't yet made an appointment for January please call or email soon as our spots are filling up fast.

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy.

Jennifer May Adv.Dip.Nut.Met.ATMS.MINDD


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