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Why I love being a Nutritionist...

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Every day when I wake up I take 5minutes to reflect on the positive things in my life which make every day more special than the last. There is my beautiful family who would love me no matter what or who I was, my wonderful – selfless – loyal – caring and generous friends


who are always there to support me through thick and thin, my divine angelic cat

(I’m not kidding she’s beautiful – look at her),

Then of course there is my job, my life, my passion – being a Nutritionist.

I sometimes find it astonishing to hear that many people understand a Nutritionist to be someone who gives you recipes, writes a 7 day meal planner and then sends you on your way to go and do it. This couldn't be further from the truth - diet plans and recipes make up a TINY percentage of my job, and are probably the least significant.

Last week I read an article on an Australian parenting website about a person who had signed up to a very popular meal-planning, weight loss program and had very high hopes due to a celebrity endorsement. Like countless others, this person had struggled with obesity her whole life and was desperate for support and guidance to be healthy again – not just physically but emotionally too. Unsurprisingly she was failed, unsupported and left shockingly undernourished.

In reading the disappointment this person felt, I felt sad and frustrated. Knowing that this lady is not by any means alone in this battle and yet she had no idea where to turn for help. So now I am more inspired than ever before to spread the word about what I do, about the support that is here, about what it is that I do every day as a Nutritionist that changes peoples lives, about what it is that makes me do what I do.

My 3 years of in depth study in Nutritional Medicine is a great foundation as a health care providor. After all - how could I know how to heal if I didn’t understand biochemistry, symptomatology or pathology? I'd be playing guess work for sure. But my education is just a necessary foundation, it's my passion and drive that helps me use this knowledge to change lives.

How can you create change without care?

How can you inspire without passion?

How can you heal without love?

As I said in my facebook post:

A Nutritionist is not just there to write a diet plan or give you recipes and send you on your way. I’m here to hear you, understand you, to care for you more than you care for yourself. I’m here to listen to what you really need, to counsel you and guide you to make the best choices for you and your health. I’m someone who is passionate about the healing power of food and who never stops learning on your behalf so that I can help you get well again.

This is why I studied for over 3 years, invested tens of thousands of dollars and why I've dedicated my life to doing what I do. This is why I invested several thousands more in further training and scientific testing equipment so that I can offer you accurate advice, determine the root cause of your problem and help you to get quick results with no wasted time, money or effort.

I set you on a path to success, with no wasted detours, and I will support you along the way. Every day I work with people who had given up hope and help them find their way again. Every day I find a reason for someone's issues and help them work on a solution. Every day I help people like you win the fight to get your life back.

That is why I love being a Nutritionist and I’d love to be yours.

For individual Nutrition guidance by a qualified Nutritionist, certified health testing and a Nutrition plan which is designed specifically for you, click to fill out a new member enquiry form.

Until next time, stay deliciously healthy,

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Jennifer May


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